Press release 005

Free provision of spectrogram conversion tool for anomalous sound detection AI development on AI cloud service “ADFI”

– Achieved development of anomalous sound detection AI without coding –

AI Robotics Ltd., which provides the AI cloud service “ADFI”, has started offering a spectrogram conversion tool free of charge for developing anomalous sound detection AI with ADFI.

Currently, attention is being paid to “anomalous sound detection AI” that detects malfunctions early and predicts signs by analyzing the operating noise of machinery and equipment with AI. However, due to the high cost involved in developing AI, it has not been widely used.

AI Robotics Ltd. has started offering a free spectrogram conversion tool for developing anomalous sound detection AI with ADFI. ADFI is a cloud service that enables the development of image inspection AI through on-screen operations without coding, and significantly reduces AI development costs. By converting sound data into image data (spectrogram image) with the spectrogram conversion tool, ADFI can be used to create anomlous sound detection AI at low cost.
This makes it possible to introduce anomalous sound detection AI even in cases that have been postponed from the viewpoint of cost.

■ Spectrogram conversion tool
It is published on the ADFI official website. You can download it from the following URL and use it for free.