Visual inspection solutions

 It is typical to carry out visual inspection using human vision, but there is variation in worker judgment, and workers ofter miss anomalies.

This also places a heavy burden on evaluators, and inspection speed cannot be increased.

Previous rule-based image inspection is capable of high-speed high-volume processing. However, it is extremely difficult to set parameters with an understanding of rules for all anomalous conditions, and cases of missing anomalies tend to occur easily.

 Unlike previous rule-based image processing, our ADFI uses a web application to provide the latest AI technology enabling high-precision anomaly detection with easy parameter setting.

What’s ADFI?

ADFI is anomaly detection and visual inspection system which operates on the cloud, and is equipped with state-of-the-art AI algorithms.

It allows you to adopt an AI anomaly detection and visual inspection system in a short time, simply by providing a few dozen images.

You can also check detection precision beforehand through a free trial.

 You can select either of two algorithms (Deep Metric Learning or PCA-MSPC) as the AI to be used, whichever best suits the characteristics of the items to be inspected and detected.


DML (Deep Metric Learning) is a new deep learning technique suited to anomaly detection.

It enables anomaly detection even for problems that are difficult to handle with conventional anomaly detection technology (e.g., cases where the position of the inspected object is not fixed).

ADFI uses a unique algorithm which improves conventional DML, and no specialized knowledge is needed because optimization can be performed through automatic parameter adjustment.




PCA-MSPC (Multivariate Statistical Process Control based on Principal Component Analysis) is an anomaly detection technique currently in wide use in fields such as manufacturing industries.

This AI algorithm is suitable for situations where the position of the inspected object is fixed inside the image.

ADFI uses a unique algorithm which improves conventional PCA-MSPC, and no specialized knowledge is needed because optimization can be achieved through automatic parameter adjustment.



Service / Specifications

Minimum number of imagesNormal image20 images10 images
Anomalous image5 images-
Recommended number of imagesNormal image50 - 200 images30 - 60 images
Anomalous image10 - 50 imagesUnnecessary
Maximum image sizeNo limitations (Within ADFI, images are automatically resized to 800x800 pixels or less)
Conditions of inspected objectNo conditionsFixed position and shape
PlanFree PlanOnline PlanLocal Plan
AI model creation and its performance verification
Run AI model in your local environment✅(Up to 90 days)-
Run AI model in online (ADFI cloud) environment✅(Up to 300 images)-
GPU-equipped hardwareUnnecessaryUnnecessaryUnnecessary
Time required to obtain AI model result-2-3 seconds / image0.2 seconds / image
Usage feeFree0.02 US$ / image

* Minimum fee is $6 / month
600 US$ / month
Payment method-Credit cardCredit card
Available period1 year from last loginUnlimited (automatically updated every month)Unlimited (automatically updated every month)

Cutting-edge AI technology

 ADFI enables development of high-performance visual inspection systems with a small amount of learning data.

Furthermore, anomalies can be detected with higher inspection precision than previous visual inspection algorithms, and this reduces release of defective items and time spent on reinspection.

 There is no need to procure servers or edge computers, or purchase expensive AI visual inspection software. You can quickly adopt AI visual inspection by using the ADFI web application on the cloud. Initial cost is low, and fees are set according to usage, so a system can be operated at low cost.

No need for servers

High detection rate

Easy setup

Low cost

System composition

 ADFI is provided on the AWS cloud, and thus can be used by connecting to the Internet.

Communication is done via HTTPS, so the ADFI API can be used safely.

When an image is sent to the ADFI API from a control PC or PLC in a production process, the inspection result is returned in real-time.

Adoption process

You can do a trial on the same day. The process up to operation can be completed in as little as 1 day.



Inspection for cloth fraying

Harness wiring color inspection

Food product breakage inspection

Inspection for presence of food products/ingredients


Inspection of component color codes

Inspection for bent or missing pins of electronic components

Scratch/dent inspection

Inspection for label presence

Try ADFI web app

Testing of AI precision on photos of the inspected item can be done at no charge using the ADFI web application.
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