Try ADFI web app

You can test detection precision with the ADFI web application by using actual photos of the inspected item.

This allows you to easily and immediately try out the application at no charge.

You can determine which of the two AI algorithms, DML or PCA-MSPC, is best for you.

Precautions for ADFI trial (Free Plan)

Trial service / Specifications

Minimum number of imagesNormal image20 images10 images
Anomalous image5 images-
Recommended number of imagesNormal imageover 50 images30 - 60 images
Anomalous image10 - 50 images-
Maximum total number of stored images1000 images
Maximum image sizeNo limitations
(Within ADFI, images are automatically resized to 800x800 pixels or less)
RestrictionsNoneFixed position and shape of inspected item
Number of times API can be used300 times