Easy and low-budget automation of difficult visual inspection
~DX for manufacrurer that can introduce a high performance AI visual inspection system at low cost~

For those who have trouble considering the implementation of visual inspection system

  • Incorporating in-line visual inspection is difficult due to budgetary constraints
  • It is technically difficult to automatically identify defects and scratches on metal parts by visual inspection
  • It is difficult to know how to proceed with the introduction of the system, and it is time-consuming

Less than 1% of manufacturing companies have adopted AI visual inspection

Mostly because of the high cost of introduction

※1 Based on our own research (Japan)
  Generally, the cost of AI system introduction is 35~150 thousand US$, and the time required for introduction is 6 months to 1 year.

Leave it to ADFI for visual inspection!

ADFI solves the challenges of implementing AI visual inspection in terms of both cost and performance


※2 If you do not know how to check performance, please click here for a procedure manual.

⇒ ADFI makes it easy to introduce in-house visual inspection at a low budget!

Easy 3 step introduction at low cost

※2 If you do not know how to check performance, please click here for a procedure manual.
※3 For specifications of cameras and other equipment used for performance verification of ADFI, please refer to the introduction example.

Introduction Example

Examples of system configurations that can be realized at low cost

Examples of required parts and recommended specifications

Item name/Model numberRecommended specification
ESP32-CAM / ESP32-cam-board
SD card32GB and more
(For ESP32)AC adapter AD-K50P3005V,1A and more
LED bar light SOF-18W-30-SMD12V,0.1A and more
LED controller SCRGB1-3
(For LED)AC adapter KSA-24W-120200HU 12V,2A and more

ADFI Inspection Performance

ADFI’s high performance has also been proven in a performance comparison with the world’s best anomaly detection method published in 2021 (Evaluation based on ROC-AUC※4 using MVTec dataset[*])

[*]: https://www.mvtec.com/company/research/datasets/mvtec-ad
CutPaste: Chun-Liang Li, et al.,” CX boutPaste: Self-Supervised Learning for Anomaly Detection and Localization”, CVPR, 2021
InTra: Jonathan Pirnay, et al., “Inpainting Transformer for Anomaly Detection”, ICIAP, 2021
DifferNet: Marco Rudolph, et al., “Same Same but DifferNet: Semi-Supervised Defect Detection With Normalizing Flows”, WACV, 2021

※4 ROC-AUC is the value of the area under the ROC curve (Area Under the Curve) when the ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve) curve
is created. The area value ranges from 0 to 1. The closer the value is to 1, the higher the discrimination performance.

⇒ Only ADFI can create a visual inspection system equipped with state-of-the-art AI algorithm at low cost and easily!


If the technology is available, it would be better to produce it in-house. However, AI algorithms require cutting-edge expertise, and we believe that the hurdle for in-house production is high. On the other hand, systemization of equipment (cameras, etc.) necessary for visual inspection is considered a low hurdle for in-house production. This service provides AI algorithms specialized for visual inspection. Anyone can easily introduce this service, so please consider utilizing this service.
1. Hardware provided by the customer is not supported.
  If you have any questions or problems with ADFI settings, etc., we will support you by e-mail.
2. ADFI’s service level objective (SLO) is an uptime of 99.9% or higher. As an actual result, ADFI achieved 100% uptime during the first six months of its release (February to July 2022).
1.What is difficult to discern even with the human eye is difficult to discern even with an ADFI. In such cases, it is necessary to change the lighting conditions and take images that can be used for discrimination.
2. ADFI can detect objects that can be identified with the specified image size (800 x 800 pixels). If you want to detect objects smaller than that, please enlarge the image at pre-processing step in advance.
The AI algorithm used in this service is not specific to any particular field. It can be applied to any inspection target that can be discriminated by human visual inspection.
1. Any number of AI modeling and performance measurements are completely free of charge.
2. 100 times of sending/receiving a single inspection image (number of API usage) generated after the factory installation can be tried free of charge. If you are satisfied with the results of the trial, you can sign up for a paid plan and use the service without a limit of 100 times. The cost is based on the number of times images are sent and received (number of times API is used), so the running cost will be the same as the number of times used. For details, please refer to the Service Overview on our website.
1. Any PC with an Internet connection can be used, no OS restrictions, no GPU required.
2. Single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi can also be used.
For details, please refer to the “Introduction Example” on this page.
It is necessary to consider this depending on the line to which it will be applied. We offer consulting and support for ADFI implementation, so please contact us for more information.
Please refer to the Service Overview on our website.
Please refer to the Service manual on our website.
Please refer to the Service Overview on our website.
1.You can perform the performance verification on your desk by the following procedure. All of this can be done completely free of charge.
 1) Register a user
 2) Create project
 3) Creat dataset
 4) Register images for training and create AI models
 5) Register images for testing and set the decision threshold for the AI model
 6) Increase the number of images for testing and validate the created AI model and decision thresholds to complete the AI model
※For details, please refer to Free trial instruction(PDF)

2. The following procedures can be used for on-site performance verification. Up to 100 free image inspection transmissions/receptions (API).
 1) Copy the API code and implement it in your program
 2) Execute the API programmatically
 For more information, please refer to Service manual
If you have training and test images on hand, the process takes about an hour. (It takes about 30 minutes to create the AI model).
1. Images used to create AI models are stored in the ADFI cloud, but can be manually deleted after the AI models are created. This reduces the risk of data leakage to zero.※Even if the images used to create the model are deleted, the AI model is retained.
2. Inspection images are immediately deleted as soon as they are determined, and no image data is stored on ADFI’s cloud. The security of image data is ensured by SSL encryption when sending and receiving images.
1. We only accept credit card payments. We use Stripe as our payment platform. (We do not retain any credit card information through the use of Stripe’s platform.)
2. Invoices and receipts are issued by Stripe.For details, please refer to Stripe website.

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