Use cases


  • Inspection of components with unstable position, form, or pattern

Inspection for discoloration or soiling

Inspection for cloth fraying

Cracks or paint peeling in bridges/structures

Inspection of grain/chapping

Harness wiring color inspection

Inspection for cracked eggs

Checking fastening of caps of PET bottles and other bottles

Food product breakage, damage, chipping

Molded part burrs or chips

Solder inspection

Dents in screw threads

Tearing of food product wrapping paper

O-ring insertion inspection

Inspection of weld shape

Admixture of foreign mat

Presence of food products/ingredients

Presence of air bubbles

Presence of parts

Vibration and sound anomaly detection using spectrogram images


  • Inspection of parts with high repeatability in position and form

Monitoring of signal towers

Inspection of component color codes

Inspection of printed text quality

Inspection for label presence

Inspection for bent or missing pins of electronic components

Scratch/dent inspection

Wafer inspection

Admixture of foreign matter

Presence of parts